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Premium Digital Advertising – On Demand

BMZ is a digital ad agency that specializes in providing high-impact, hyper targeted marketing campaigns to brands and businesses. Through intelligent audience profiling, we track your specific market and drive more ideal visitors back to your site, in a short period of time. We know that digital advertising can be confusing and you don’t have time for a learning curve; so our mission is straightforward: High Quality Traffic, Insightful Audience Tracking, and On-Demand Results.



Whether it’s local, regional or national, we utilize sophisticated behavioral data & tracking to ​directly target ​your ideal consumer. We can even pinpoint right down to your preferred zip code.



​Getting started is easy and we can have your campaign up within 24 hours. We offer test campaigns and month ​to month services to help you grow your business.

Real-Time Bidding &


Our Demand-Side Platform gives us access to 1000’s of websites & brand advertisers, so that we can provide our ​clients with optimal services at awesomely competitive rates.

Real-Time Reporting &


Our service is nothing like SEO. It’s about getting results, right now. BMZ provides real-time reporting statistics, ​as well as full transparency on where your ads are being shown.

Desktop, Mobile &


​We’ll help you gain brand awareness and give you direct access to your target consumer through on-demand mobile,  ​desktop & tablet campaigns.



We want you to come to us for all of your digital advertising needs. That means that we’re only sending you real ​people, quality traffic,  and providing the best service.

Why Boardmemberz?

Tell us who your audience is and we’ll bring them to you.


Superior Quality

We’re obsessed with giving you results. Through our direct publisher relationships and intelligent technology, as well as live optimization, we ensure that you are directly reaching your consumer. The results will speak for themselves.


Precision Targeting

Your success is highly reliant on working with an advertiser that can pinpoint and reach your ideal audience. Our technology & experience will ensure that you’re getting awesome results and the best ROI.


Secure Traffic

We could not do this without you, so protecting our clients is a given. Boardmemberz only offers brand-safe display advertisements through sources that are verified and 100% secure.

Targeted Visitors+Transparent Traffic = Real Results

Ad Units

Banners       /        Interstitials        /        Video       /        Overlays        /        Mobile

Meet the Boardmemberz

Wayne Rose

Luke Skywalker

Bruce Barber

The Dark Knight

Philip Lowe

Treasure Hunter

Chris Kontakis


Mohon Wise

Professor Tek

Cindi Hill

Jean Grey

Alicia Chandler Reyes

Black Mamba

Jeff Brown

Jesus Shuttlesworth

Phillip Smith

Tony Mactana

To inquire about a marketing campaign with Boardmemberz, or to speak directly with one of our advertising experts, just fill out the form below. We’ll have someone get in touch with you, shortly.


You can also email us at ads@boardmemberz.com


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