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Boardmemberz is a Multi- Channel YouTube Partnership Network, created exclusively for urban entertainment and pop culture. We help influencers and talented personalities design a life in which they get to earn money, explore amazing opportunities and create their own branded empires, doing what they love.

We’ll negotiate better ad rates & even sponsorships deals to help increase your monthly income.


We’re here to help you be successful, not to play you. You own your content – Period.


We’ll work with you to grow an audience of raving fans.


We’ll give you access to a database of music to use on your channel.


You’ll be apart of a network in which you get to share, collaborate and explore new opportunities for success.

Non Exclusivity

Come and go as you please. We just ask for a 30 day notice.

Why Boardmemberz

Become Empowered


We help creators understand who their audience is and where they’re coming from, so that they know exactly what to do to and where to go to keep viewers obsessively coming back.


Exclusive Opportunities. Connect directly with brands to get awesome sponsorship and direct advertising campaigns that align specifically to the needs and wants of your audience.


Build a Brand. We’ll help you create a brand that people not only want to look at, but will engage with, support and buy from at every opportunity you give them.


Do What You Like. We can help you monetize nearly anything you’re passionate about, so do what comes naturally to you.


Become a Partner



Originally Created Content (Music Covers are Applicable)

Average of 3300 Views Daily (100,000 per month)


We do make exceptions. If you have great content and are passionate about becoming a successful YouTube brand, we will consider your application. All content must be your own original material.

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To inquire about a marketing campaign with Boardmemberz, or to speak directly with one of our advertising experts, use the email below. We’ll have someone get in touch with you, shortly.




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